SharePoint 2013: strings.js and instrings.js

Ever wondered where the text like "drag files here" in Document Library or "edit this list" come from.

Drag Files Here

Edit This List

There are JavaScript files named strings.js and instrings.js file which contain these values. These are stored in TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\LCID, where LCID is the language identified. For English it is 1033. Here, you will also find a debug version of these files named strings.debug.js and instrings.debug.js. Even though actual changes, if needed are to be done in strings.js file and instrings.js files, but since these are minified files; reading them becomes quite difficult. The debug version is easy to read and understand. This is how "drag files here" is defined:
Strings.STS.L_SPAddNewAndDrag='{0} or drag files here';