SharePoint: mail using Papercut

There are times when we need to test E-mail functionality on SharePoint Dev/Test Servers where we can't install SMTP server or don't want to install SMTP. Recently, I had to do a quick demo to the client and showcase some workflows. One of the steps in workflow was to send an E-mail. Since SMTP was not installed, I installed the free SMTP server Papercut from codeplex on the SharePoint Server. This is how it works with SharePoint.
Open central administration site and go to System Settings, E-mail and Text Messages (SMS), Configure Outgoing E-mail Settings
Enter the name of the SharePoint server in Outbound SMTP server. Enter any dummy email address in From address and Reply to address.
Now create a custom list in SharePoint. We will create a workflow on this list which will send an E-mail to the Owner of the site when an item is added to the list. Open SharePoint Designer, click on List Workflows and select the list.
Enter name and description of the workflow and click OK.

Click on Action in the ribbon and select Send an Emial.
Click on these users.
Select the site owners group in "To" and enter text in Subject and Body of the mail.

Click on Save in the ribbon. Now click on Workflows and the newly created workflow will appear.
Click on the workflow name. Check the check box: Start workflow automatically when item is created. Save and Publish the workflow from ribbon.
Now open the SharePoint site and make sure that a user is added in Site Owner's group and that the user has valid Email id like Simply click on the user name and you will be taken to the user's profile. If the Work Email is blank, enter some valid email id. 
Lastly, go to the list and create an item. Notice that a balloon
message will show up in system tray.