SSRS: Omit paramters in SSRS

Scenario: Consider a report showing the name of the departments. However, there was a row which contained the text "Other" instead of department name. The requirement was to navigate to one report based on department name and other report based on text "Other".
Both the reports had same parameters except one parameter "headerName" which was present only in one sub report. So, we don't need to pass this parameter for that particular report.

Solution: Go to Textbox properties, select Action -> Go to report and locate the parameter which needs to be omitted. Click on the Omit button as shown:

By default the value is false, which means the parameter will not be omitted when calling a subreport. The value needs to be true in order for the parameter to be removed. The IIF condition can be used for omitting the parameter. In the below IIF condition, if the name of the DeptName field is not "Other", the "headerName" parameter will not be passed to the subreport.